Conwy Word Search

Conwy Word Search

Conwy Word Search

You may not be able to visit the beautiful walled town of Conwy right now, but you can complete our fun word search at home instead.

We’ve handpicked some of our favourite things to do when visiting Conwy and thrown them into the mix and hope it gives you a chance to reminisce on past holidays to Conwy or you might consider it as a location for your next holiday once restrictions are lifted of course!

Conwy Word Search

Conwy itself is famous for the imposing 13th century castle built by Edward the 1st as part of his ‘ring of stone’ around North Wales, the walled towns themselves are a great attraction, the views over the estuary and the famous trio of bridges are spectacular.  Within the town walls there’s plenty to do for all ages, lots of independent retailers on the high street and surrounding streets, a variety of places to eat and drink, the smallest house in Great Britain is on the quay, there’s also the Elizabethan town house Plas Mawr on the high street and the famous quay is the perfect place to have a go at crabbing (buckets, line and bait can be bought nearby); it’s no wonder Conwy is such a popular destination.

Click on the link to download a PDF copy of the word search:  Printable PDF

If you are interested in our self-catering holiday properties then please get in touch. We work with exclusive property owners to allow you access to fantastic cottages to stay in for your holiday. So if you would like to see our range, click on our accommodation or if you need help, get in touch with our team by either filling in the contact form or giving us a call on +44 (0) 1492 330356 and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

Holidays in Wales – Scrapbooking

Holidays in Wales – Scrapbooking

Wales is a wonderful country to visit with plenty to see and do and most of us will capture our memories by taking photos of the beaches, towns and various places that there are to see, but how many of us bother once we get home to print off the photos?

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way of collating photographs and mementos in one place, with more than 4 million women in the USA said to be avid scrapbookers, though it said the hobby started in the United Kingdom during the nineteenth century.

It’s a simple hobby to start off, you simply need photos, glue and a scrapbook. The new online shop by Llandudno born artist Made by Craig is a great place to start to buy a scrapbook, there’s an array of themes to choose from along with the option to personalise the front cover.

The Wales scrapbook is the perfect gift for a scrapbooker to remember a holiday in Wales or as a way of preserving photographs to show friends and family of a vacation well enjoyed.


Wales themed scrapbook Cymru

ALG Security Ltd

ALG Security Ltd

We’d like to introduce a local business to our clients, both old & new that we feel offer a valuable security service for holiday or second home owners in the local area.

ALG Security is owned by local businessman Bobby Gaze, their core business is key holding and alarm response alongside providing security services to local businesses and organisations throughout the county such as Conwy County Borough Council, Clwyd Alyn Housing Association, The Imperial Hotel and the St. George’s Hotel.


Although Conwy has a relatively low crime rate in comparison with other areas, the popularity of this beautiful corner of the world has seen an increase in visitors and investment in the tourist sector over the last 5 years; more and more people are purchasing a property in the area, whether it be a seaside apartment, or a cottage that needs renovating, with the average minimum spend on the setting up of a 2 bed apartment coming in close to £5,000.

Holiday homes are let on average between 30-35 weeks of the year, which leaves quite a few vacant weeks making holiday homes vulnerable to burglary and theft; Insurance company Schofields recommends that holiday homes have adequate security procedures in place such as CCTV or a ring device, which is a great deterrent to potential intruders, however the question that springs to mind in a worse case scenario, what do you do if you see intruders in your property whilst you are at home hundreds of miles away?

This is where ALG Security come in….ALG will respond to your alarm/CCTV on activation 24/7, SIA trained security personnel will carry out a full & detailed search of your property, deal with the situation and re-set the alarm system; all call outs result in written reports, full description of the incidents and details of how it was resolved.

To hear more about the security services that ALG Security can provide, please get in touch with Bobby Gaze on 01492 588756 / 07572590578.

Top 5 Essentials for Guests

Top 5 Essentials for Guests

Here’s our list of the top 5 essential requirements that self-catering guests are looking for when booking a holiday let:










Having WiFi in a property is considered to be as much an essential having hot water for a shower; many guests will look to use the internet to check in when they’ve arrived, search for a nearby restaurant or book tickets for a local attraction so having a good internet connection is a must. Make sure that the password can be found easily, ideally on the front page of a welcome folder & also look into putting range extenders if it’s a large property so that all areas of the property have good coverage.


Sounds simple enough, point the remote at the telly to turn it on and away you go, but guests not being able to work the television is one of our main call out reasons.  Make sure you’ve included instructions on how to access Sky or Freeview channels, whether the set is a smart tv & to check battery remotes are working.


Having a fully equipped kitchen will help make the guest experience all the better when staying at self-catering accommodation. Essentials include, enough glassware & crockery for each guest (along with spares tucked away incase of breakages), pots & pans, a cupboard to store their dry food such as cereals etc, oven, kettle, hob, microwave, fridge & freezer alongside tea towels, sponge, washing up liquid and little touches like salt & pepper, tea, coffee & sugar.


If your property has off road parking ….great, all you need to do is make sure guests know where it is and how many vehicles can be accommodated. If not, before a guest arrives tell them as much as you can about the parking situation, by being as helpful & honest as possible by telling them where the best spaces are or where the nearest car park is it becomes a positive, guests will appreciate the local advice.

Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer

Having a washer & dryer in the house is a bonus for families and couples alike, along with an ironing board & iron.

Letting Your Holiday Home With Airbnb

Letting Your Holiday Home With Airbnb

For those of you who are new to the holiday rental business you may be wondering about advertising your property on Airbnb, the popular hosting platform but may have been put off by the horror stories in the tabloid press or have seen a certain programme on the telly.

Unfortunately it’s only the horror stories that make the headlines and as we know, headlines help sell papers, nobody wants to read the story of the couple who enjoyed a 4 night Parisian stay in a stunning apartment over looking the Seine or how a family of 6 enjoyed Christmas in a cosy cottage in Snowdonia. So in the spirit of looking at things from the glass half full perspective, lets look at the positives of letting your property on Airbnb.

  • It’s incredibly flexible. You can snooze your listing at any time, but you do need to honour any confirmed bookings.
  • You can adjust your availability calendar, add bookings from other sites or use your property yourself and not be penalised or limited to how often you use your property.
  • Set your own pricing structure or take up the suggested price tips.
  • You get to meet people from all different walks of life, this year alone I’ve met actors from a touring musical, Korean students, a family from Manchester celebrating Rosh Hashanah and many more interesting guests that booked via Airbnb from around the globe.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about a booking, you can cancel.
  • Airbnb offers a 600,000 damages cover (this is not a substitute for having adequate insurance cover).
  • Lower commission rates in comparison to traditional agencies.
  • Build up a rapport with guests prior to their arrival.
  • Guests and hosts are able to review each other. The reviews are only seen when both parties have left their reviews, which avoids a nasty tit for tat situation.
Quirky Apartment

Quirky Apartment

One of our most recent properties is a quirky loft apartment near Llanrwst, it’s such a cute well thought out space that has retained it’s original features and charm but still allowing guests modern comforts and amenities.

The apartment sleeps two which along with the secluded location lends itself well to romantic breaks for couples to explore the Conwy Valley, the modern refurbished bathroom has a walk in shower space and a stunning roll top bath tub, perfect to unwind in of an evening with a good book or glass of wine. The comfortable kingsize bed is made up with crisp, Egyptian cotton bedding and in such a peaceful setting, you’re guaranteed a good nights sleep. The lounge area has a cuddle chair and comfortable leather sofa, SKY television, DVD player and WiFi, a great space to unwind after a busy day exploring the area.
Miller’s Loft is available to book via Dioni:Quirky Loft Apartment

10 Cleaning Hacks

10 Cleaning Hacks

Below are some great cleaning hacks to help make your holiday home clean and ready for the next guests, saving you time and money…most of these cleaning hacks can be done using household essentials.

  1. Is your sink draining slowly? You may have all that you need in the kitchen to help get things draining faster…pour 1/2 a cup of bicarbonate of soda down the drain, followed by 1/2 a cup of vinegar, cover with a damp cloth while the magic happens and rinse down with hot water after 5 minutes.
  2. Clean and refresh your microwave with a lemon; the lemon is a natural degreaser and odour neutraliser. Halve and squeeze a lemon into a small bowl of water and cook in the microwave on the highest setting for 3 minutes, then leave for 5 minutes. Remove the bowl from microwave and wipe down the sides etc with kitchen roll.
  3. Toothpaste can be used to remove stubborn tea & coffee rings from mugs.
  4. Deodorise mattresses by sprinkling them with bicarbonate of soda, leave for 6-8 hours and vacuum off.
  5. Descale the shower head by putting it in a bag of white vinegar (tie with an elastic band) for 3 hours and scrub with an old toothbrush.
  6. If your holiday home is pet friendly, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda onto carpeted areas prior to vacuuming, this will help to take away any noticeable doggy smells ready for your next guests.
  7. Chopping boards can show wear and tear quickly, but giving them a new lease of life is easy. Sprinkle with course sea salt and rub with half a lemon.
  8. Granny was right…freshen up wardrobes and chest of drawers with organza bags filled with Lavender.
  9. Crayon marks on walls or furniture from younger guests can be tackled with white bicarbonate of soda toothpaste & an old clean toothbrush, simply brush over the marks, scrub gently and wipe off with a clean cloth.
  10. Microfibre cloths can be used for cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and make great dusters.
What To Include In Your Holiday Home Welcome Folder

What To Include In Your Holiday Home Welcome Folder

The hard work of setting up your holiday home for holiday lets is done, but there’s one important thing that shouldn’t be overlooked prior to the first guest arrival and that’s the welcome folder.

We’ve listed some tips and advice of what should be included…

Welcome message

Welcome your guests to your holiday home with a personal message. Guests love to feel like they personally know the owners and are welcome in their home as friends they tend to take more care of it if they do!


Put an emergency contacts section at the front of the book and be sure to include your own mobile number (or that of your property manager) for out of hours emergencies.
Make it clear what guests should do in the event of a fire, where the fire extinguishers are kept, how the smoke alarms work, where the fire exits are and where they can find the first aid kit.

WiFi Password

After having a look around the property one of the first things a guest will look for is the WiFi pass-code, especially those travelling with teenagers, so make it easy for your guests by putting this at the front of the folder.

Appliance Instructions

Take photocopies of the instruction manuals for all appliances guests might use and leave them in a drawer where guests can find them if needed.
If the manuals are long or complicated, write some clear quick user instructions in fool-proof bullet points to avoid guests pushing numerous buttons until something happens or breaks!

Polite reminders

It is important that guests are aware of the dos and don’ts of your holiday property it makes for a better experience all round if these house rules are adhered to.
These can include the security measures they should take and how to lock up the property (& not lock themselves out), making sure they know about your rules for smoking and pets and being considerate about the noise levels so as not to disturb the neighbours.
You should also inform guests of potential hazards such as low ceilings or slippery surfaces.
Don’t call them rules, call them do’s and don’ts and include a copy of your terms and conditions in the guest folder.
It’s important that you clarify that any problems with the accommodation must be reported to you or your representatives as soon as possible so that you have the opportunity to rectify any issues.

Local transport

Holidaymakers on a budget will appreciate it if you give them really clear guidance on how to make the most of the local transport.
Tell your guests how to get to places on local transport such as the location of the bus and train stations, and include timetables (keep these up to date) plus phone numbers for taxis.

Attractions and amenities

Make a list of local amenities such as supermarkets, shops, chemist, post office, banks, ATM, petrol station etc.
List nearby places to visit and pop in some brochures and discount vouchers. Don’t forget to include take away menus for local companies.
Include activities for a wide range of ages, so think local heritage sites and monuments for cultural types, as well as family days out and activities for very young children such as soft play centres.

Local recommendations

With your guest in mind write a list of your favourite places to eat and drink, and say why you recommend them.
What’s the best beach? Best scenic walks? Where can guests rent bikes etc? Tell them!

Check-out instructions

Provide a concise list of what you would like your guests to do when leaving, this will help avoid last minute phone calls and problems.
Tell guests to make sure doors and windows are locked, where to leave the keys, what to do with bed linen and towels and to turn off the lights.

Letting Your Second Home

Letting Your Second Home

Benefits of Letting your Second Home

If you’re thinking about buying a holiday home, or already own a second home, there are plenty of benefits to opening your doors to visiting tourists, take a look at some of the benefits of holiday letting your second home….

Earn an income from your property

The demand for self-catering accommodation is on the rise and it has been for several years, there’s never been a better time to start marketing your property and earn an income from it when you not in use by yourselves.
During the peak summer period, you’ll be able to charge a premium on your weekly rental (sometimes in excess of five times winter rental rates). Many people will use the winter months for short 3 night stays, you’d be surprised at how many people choose to take a winter break in the UK.

Enjoy potential tax benefits of holiday letting

A key benefit when it comes to holiday homes, as oppose to renting out other types of property, is that if you let out a furnished holiday home in the UK, your rental income can be treated more advantageously for tax purposes than from other rental income.

Help the local economy

When visitors stay in your property they’ll inevitably spend the majority of their money in local shops, pubs, restaurants and visiting local attractions, helping to boost the local economy.

Remember you can have a holiday too!

If you’ve bought the perfect property one thing you’ll also want to do is enjoy it! Letting your property out as a furnished holiday let means that you’ll also be able to visit and stay in your own property from time to time, allowing you to have a break in your very own holiday home. If this is the first time you’ve decided to let out your holiday home it’s a good idea to experience holidays in your second home as your guests would, viewing it from their perspective will help you decide on improvements that’ll make your property even more desirable to potential guests and you’ll be able to make any changes prior to the first booking.

Won’t it be a lot of work?

Owning a holiday home needn’t be a stressful experience. There are a large number of holiday letting agents and property management companies such as ourselves who’ll be able to look after the entire needs of your property, from changeover cleans, taking payments and dealing with potential disputes, to marketing your holiday home and generating bookings.

Small Touches

Small Touches

It’s the small touches that make a big difference when it comes to providing good quality accommodation that your guests will appreciate.

So what should you be doing to ensure that your holiday home provides a great experience for your guests?

Avoid overcrowding

Whilst it may be tempting to say that your two bedroom property can accommodate six guests, think about how comfortable that would really be for visitors! Two double beds and a pullout sofa in the lounge may have the sleeping covered, but what about when six people are fighting over who’s turn it is next for the shower, is there enough comfortable seating in the lounge for all the guests? Ensuring that guests have plenty of space will greatly improve their experience of your property.


One of the first things that guests look for once they’ve settled in their accommodation is the WiFi code, especially those travelling with teenagers. Whilst not everybody will be looking to access the internet on arrival, it’s a handy tool to have in your property so guests can look up local information etc, so make sure the password is easy to find, we advise putting it in one of the first pages of your welcome folder.

Buy good quality beds

If you wouldn’t want to sleep more than one night on the beds in your holiday home, then why are they there? Try being a guest in your own holiday home. We definitely think you should spend a few nights ensuring that the beds are comfortable. A bad nights sleep can ruin a guests stay and it’s even worse if it gives them a bad back! Investing in high quality beds will give your visitors a great nights sleep and they’ll last longer too, so they’re not as costly as you may think.


Make sure that you’ve provided enough drinking glasses, wine glasses & mugs for the maximum amount of guests your property accommodates. Providing champagne flutes too is a nice touch for those guests who are looking to enjoy a glass of fizz.

Washing up

Nobody likes to spend their holiday doing the washing up, which is why a dishwasher is great addition to any holiday home. Provide a tablet or two to get them started and they can load the dishwasher before heading out for the day and won’t need to worry about who’s turn it is to wash up. If you don’t have space for a dishwasher, provide guests with some washing up liquid, sponge & tea towel.

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