Llandudno Goats

Llandudno’s goats are trending on Twitter; never did I think that one morning I’d wake up to this news.

Well, what an eventful fortnight we’ve had, I’d like to say that it’s been a busy one, packed with work but alas no, it’s been a fortnight of cancellations, rearranged bookings, checks on empty properties and watching the daily Covid-19 updates.

Whilst out and about on our property checks we’ve come face to face with a few Kashmiri Goats that have ventured down from their usual stomping ground on the Great Orme; if you live or work in Llandudno, this is can be a familiar sight or if you don’t see them in person, you see the droppings left behind after one of their jaunts.

Since the implementation of the social distancing rules and then the ‘lockdown’ on March 23rd, the 120 strong tribe have been venturing further into the town, taking advantage of the quiet streets and eating their way through the town’s greenery.

We weren’t expecting to wake up on Tuesday morning with the news that Llandudno’s Goats were now trending on Twitter; after checking our feed, lo and behold the goats had gone viral. Later on it turned out that our business premises had been featured in the press coverage as the goats had been marauding in the garden, cue lots of messages from friends and family to say the goats had been on the news etc.

After the excitement of seeing all the different coverage of the ‘goat town’ earlier on this week, it’s back to the strange normality of working from home during lockdown and learning more than we ever wanted to know about goats (prior to this, eating the delicious Great Orme  Goats Cheese Pizza from Johnny Dough’s was as far as my thoughts went when I heard the word goat).

So in honour of our local celebrities, we’ve tweaked our company logo!

Llandudno Goats