Wales themed scrapbook Cymru

Wales is a wonderful country to visit with plenty to see and do and most of us will capture our memories by taking photos of the beaches, towns and various places that there are to see, but how many of us bother once we get home to print off the photos?

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way of collating photographs and mementos in one place, with more than 4 million women in the USA said to be avid scrapbookers, though it said the hobby started in the United Kingdom during the nineteenth century.

It’s a simple hobby to start off, you simply need photos, glue and a scrapbook. The new online shop by Llandudno born artist Made by Craig is a great place to start to buy a scrapbook, there’s an array of themes to choose from along with the option to personalise the front cover.

The Wales scrapbook is the perfect gift for a scrapbooker to remember a holiday in Wales or as a way of preserving photographs to show friends and family of a vacation well enjoyed.


Wales themed scrapbook Cymru

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