Here’s some top tips from Conwy Property Management’s holiday home cleaners to help make your holiday home shine and create a good first impression for guests.


  • Polish all chrome: taps, kettles, toasters etc, if it’s shiny, make it sparkle.
  • Check all glassware and make sure it sparkles.
  • Check the inside of mugs and cups for tea stains, same goes for the teapot too!
  • Deep clean the oven and defrost the fridge, it goes without saying that ovens, microwaves and fridges should be clean and incorporated in the regular turnaround but every so often they may need some extra cleaning and also defrosting.
  • Clean inside kitchen cupboards and remove everything so you can give them a good wipe out.
  • If crockery is cracked or chipped, replace it.
  • Clean the front grills of extractor fans (kitchen and bathroom) as they gather dust between the slots.


Bath/shower rooms

  • There are plenty of opportunities to really make a bathroom shine so polish all the chrome (toilet roll holders, taps, towel rails etc), clean the mirrors and shower enclosures and make sure all the ceramic is dust and hair free.
  • Clean/wash shower curtains and remove limescale and stains, if you can’t get the stains out, replace them.
  • Replace silicone and mastic if it is marked with black mould.


  • Wash pillow and mattress protectors to keep them fresh and stain free.
  • Hoover mattresses & high up areas such as the top of wardrobes and lamp shades, along with the lower level dust traps like under beds and dressing tables.
  • Wash duvets and pillows and replace when they have lost their bounce or become marked.

General cleaning

  • Clean all light bulbs to remove dust and hoover lamp shades. Double check all the bulbs are working!
  • Make sure windows sparkle inside and out and clean all glass with window cleaner (picture frames, tea lights, log burner door, mirrors etc).
  • Give all the upholstery a good hoover to remove dust and crumbs from under the sofa cushions.
  • Move furniture and hoover/clean underneath (particularly larger items that may not be moved during regular cleans).
  • Remove any mould marks around windows.
  • You may also need to touch up paint on walk way areas that get knocked by cases such as stairways and halls.
  • Wash skirting boards, door frames and architraves.
  • Keep an eye on carpets and curtains and have them cleaned before they start to look grubby.
  • Empty the filters on tumble dryers.
  • If you have a vacuum cleaner for guests to use -make sure it is emptied before the next guests come along.

The list is endless and, regardless of whether you do your own cleaning or have a cleaner, regular, thorough deep cleaning is essential and not just a spring-time activity.

First impressions count so make sure your property is ready from the moment your guests arrive and hopefully it will be reflected in your reviews.