It’s the small touches that make a big difference when it comes to providing good quality accommodation that your guests will appreciate.

So what should you be doing to ensure that your holiday home provides a great experience for your guests?

Avoid overcrowding

Whilst it may be tempting to say that your two bedroom property can accommodate six guests, think about how comfortable that would really be for visitors! Two double beds and a pullout sofa in the lounge may have the sleeping covered, but what about when six people are fighting over who’s turn it is next for the shower, is there enough comfortable seating in the lounge for all the guests? Ensuring that guests have plenty of space will greatly improve their experience of your property.


One of the first things that guests look for once they’ve settled in their accommodation is the WiFi code, especially those travelling with teenagers. Whilst not everybody will be looking to access the internet on arrival, it’s a handy tool to have in your property so guests can look up local information etc, so make sure the password is easy to find, we advise putting it in one of the first pages of your welcome folder.

Buy good quality beds

If you wouldn’t want to sleep more than one night on the beds in your holiday home, then why are they there? Try being a guest in your own holiday home. We definitely think you should spend a few nights ensuring that the beds are comfortable. A bad nights sleep can ruin a guests stay and it’s even worse if it gives them a bad back! Investing in high quality beds will give your visitors a great nights sleep and they’ll last longer too, so they’re not as costly as you may think.


Make sure that you’ve provided enough drinking glasses, wine glasses & mugs for the maximum amount of guests your property accommodates. Providing champagne flutes too is a nice touch for those guests who are looking to enjoy a glass of fizz.

Washing up

Nobody likes to spend their holiday doing the washing up, which is why a dishwasher is great addition to any holiday home. Provide a tablet or two to get them started and they can load the dishwasher before heading out for the day and won’t need to worry about who’s turn it is to wash up. If you don’t have space for a dishwasher, provide guests with some washing up liquid, sponge & tea towel.